What does a hoist do & how can it help you? 

Social media asset for a blog about what does a hoist do, showing five men in high-vis clothing and hard hats using a hoist to move a large duct, with a two story brick building in the background on a rainy day.

Ask any nurse “What does a hoist do?”, and they are likely to tell you how invaluable they are when it comes to moving patients around in a hospital when they cannot move themselves. Imagine trying to get a 6ft 2, 17 stone man who is paraplegic, from his wheelchair to a hospital bed without […]

The lift and shift process: a detailed look

Social media asset for a blog about the lift and shift process showing a mobile gantry crane being used to lift the Cannon Royal of the Mary Rose, operated by two men in hi-vis clothing and face masks, with a museum display board in the background, showing the history of the ship

Have you ever uttered the fateful words “How hard can it be”? Usually, this little phrase gets employed when you are contemplating doing something you have never done before, something that just doesn’t seem that difficult at first glance.  In the world of heavy lifting and intricate manoeuvres, the lift and shift process is one […]

What is a gantry crane used for? Explore its applications

A cluster of boats in a harbour next to a gantry crane with a sunset sky as a backdrop.

Want a cost-effective lifting solution? Then a mobile gantry crane may be for you.  You may be wondering, ‘What is a gantry crane used for?’ A highly versatile and adaptive piece of equipment, the gantry crane is often utilised when a conventional crane or lifting appliance cannot be deployed. It can save you precious time […]