What is a gantry crane used for? Explore its applications

Want a cost-effective lifting solution?

Then a mobile gantry crane may be for you. 

You may be wondering, ‘What is a gantry crane used for?’

A highly versatile and adaptive piece of equipment, the gantry crane is often utilised when a conventional crane or lifting appliance cannot be deployed. It can save you precious time and in turn save you money. 

Here we explore its benefits and applications. 

What is a gantry crane?

A gantry crane or mobile gantry crane,  is a type of overhead crane with single or double girder configurations, that is supported by uprights and a horizontal beam, typically installed on wheels or rails, allowing it to move horizontally along a track. 

Gantry cranes are equipped with a hoist mechanism that allows for vertical lifting and lowering of loads. The hoist can be manual, electric, or hydraulic, depending on the crane’s design and intended use.

They sometimes work beneath an existing bridge crane system and sometimes even replace it. 

What are the benefits of gantry cranes:

1. Adjustable and versatile

Firstly, mobile gantry cranes are highly versatile and find application in various industries and settings due to their ability to lift heavy loads and move them horizontally. 

They come in a wide variety of sizes and are height adjustable, and are therefore incredibly versatile. They are mobile (as well as quick to set up) and can be moved to different locations within a facility or job site, making them adaptable for lots of different tasks.

2. Precise

Secondly, they are extremely precise…the hoist mechanism allows for precise control over load positioning, making them ideal for tasks that require accuracy.

3. Increase productivity

They are also known for their efficiency in lifting and moving heavy loads, reducing manual labour and increasing productivity. 

4. Cost-effective

However, probably the biggest benefit is that mobile gantry cranes are often more cost-effective than building permanent overhead crane systems, especially for applications that require occasional lifting and moving of heavy loads.

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What is a gantry crane used for?

1. Construction sites

Gantry cranes are used to lift and position heavy construction materials such as steel beams, concrete blocks, and pre-fabricated sections.

So common a sight at major shipping ports the world over, gantry cranes are often called container gantry cranes or ship-to-shore cranes. Be honest, how many movies have you seen featuring a gantry crane and a shipping container?

They are crucial in loading and unloading cargo containers from ships and transferring them to trucks or trains. Gantry cranes are used to handle containers of various sizes and weights, making them essential in modern port operations.

2. Warehouses and logistics

Gantry cranes are utilised for moving heavy and bulky materials within warehouses and distribution centres. They are employed to stack and retrieve pallets, crates and other goods, optimising storage space and facilitating efficient inventory management.

3. Manufacturing

Gantry cranes are employed in manufacturing facilities to transport heavy machinery and components during the production process. In the UK, they have been heavily utilised within car manufacturing for example. They assist in loading and unloading materials onto CNC machines, assembly lines, and other production equipment.

4. Aerospace industry

In the aerospace sector, gantry cranes are used for assembling and transporting aircraft components and engines. They are essential for moving and positioning large aircraft during maintenance and repair. 

5. Railway maintenance

As with the aerospace industry, gantry cranes are employed for lifting and maintaining railway locomotives and rolling stock. They can be used to replace wheels, engines and other heavy components of trains.

6. Heavy machinery and equipment

Gantry cranes are used to load and unload heavy machinery, generators and other equipment onto trucks for transportation. They are also employed for positioning equipment in industrial settings. They play a vital role in steel mills and foundries for example, where they handle molten metal, steel coils, and other heavy materials.

They are used for pouring molten metal into moulds and transporting steel products within the facility.

Gantry cranes: highly versatile and valuable

Mobile gantry cranes offer a combination of features and benefits that make them valuable tools for various industries where heavy lifting and precise load handling are essential. Their versatility, mobility and efficiency make them a preferred choice for many material handling applications. Get in touch with us today and let one of the leading crane hire companies in the UK assist you with your lifting needs.

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