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Who we work with:

If you are looking for a crane to hire, our crane hire solutions are perfect for those wanting to lift anything from a one-off domestic hot tub to heavy lifting capacities for large bulky items.

We can deliver cranes, accessories and other lifting equipment to construction projects and developments throughout the UK.

From mini cranes to Heavy Capacity Static Tower cranes for use in the largest industrial construction sites, as a leading crane hire company in the UK, we have a complete range of cranes to hire for projects of all sizes.

Crane operator hire
mini crane being moved between the gap between two houses.

What cranes do we provide?

Available cranes include:


Stay fully compliant

We are able to advise on the best crane for your project and provide a suitable crane. Our team ensures that the equipment you use has been fully certified for your worksite, been regularly tested and maintained as required.

Crane Hire FAQs

It depends on the hire requirements. The insurance responsibility will differ depending if you hire a crane under CPA Hire or Contract Lift. We can advise on options and ensure you are fully ensured before carrying out a lifting operation

Under CPA we will provide a competent operator on all cranes, CPA Hire puts the responsibility on the hirer and you will need to supply an Appointed Person to plan and document the lift as well as a crane Supervisor and Slinger. They will need to follow the plan, attach and detach loads and direct them safely. If you require an Appointed Person we will supply the Appointed Person and carry out all work under contract lift conditions. 

Learn more about our Contract Lift Service.

Not for single crane hire. Under the CPA’s rules, for crane hire, the responsibility for creating risk assessment and method statement lies with the hirer. You are also responsible for complying with BS7121 and LOLER. (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998). If you would like us to provide risk assessments or method statements, please find out about our Contract Lifting Service here.

As the hirer you will also:

  • Plan the lift 
  • Select a suitable model of crane (although we can advise you if you need guidance)
  • Be responsible for slinging and signalling
  • Providing an Appointed Person
  • Provide Hired in Plant Insurance to cover any damage to the crane
  • Provide Public Liability Insurance for any damage, injury to personnel or damage to property


Quick Response

Our solutions are available at short notice, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

Complete Turnkey Solution

We can support you from project tender applications right the way through to implementation and management.

Problem Solving

Determined to get the job done, no matter what the obstacle.


Prioritising safety at every stage of the project.


Our work in action

See how our team uses their experience, machinery, and the latest technology to provide superior crane hire and lifting services for our clients.


Whether your requirements are a simple one-off lift or a multi-crane technical lift, Fortis Heavy Lift Group LTD has the equipment and the know-how to provide a safe, efficient and cost-effective solution for your lifting needs.