CONTRACT lifting

A fully managed turnkey lifting solution

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Who we work with

Our contract lift service is the perfect solution for those wanting a fully managed turnkey lifting service for projects with a complex, specialist single lift or multiple lifting requirements.

As part of our contract lifting service we:

  • Complete all the planning
  • Provide crane hire
  • Provide plant hire
  • Provide transport
  • Organise road closures
  • Organise council permits
  • Assign the Appointed Person to the project who will conduct site inspections
  • Produce lift plans along with detailed 3D rigging plans
  • Supply qualified crane supervisors and riggers to implement the plan on-site.

Throughout it all, our contract lift managers will work closely with your site health and safety and management team to ensure that you remain compliant at all times.

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Keep things simple

It can be costly to work with several different contractors in order to complete a complex project. 

Contract lift services reduce the complexity of project management for you by being your one point of contact for all your lifting requirements. 

As part of this service, we are also able to provide transportation, abnormal load moves and lift and shift services. 

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Keep things cost-effective

Hiring multiple contractors to manage different aspects of your project separately is very expensive. Instead, using our comprehensive contract lifting service you can ensure that your project remains within budget. 

Stay fully compliant

All our contract lifting solutions are carried out in full compliance with current standards:

  • BS7121 – Parts 1-5
  • LOLER – Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations.

With our contract lift services, we undertake all associated administrative procedures on our client’s behalf, including site-specific risk assessment and method statements, road closures, lift plans, and lift permits. 

We work closely with your site’s health and safety personnel to ensure that you remain compliant and safe throughout the project. 

Our Process

We spend time learning about your project requirements and surveying your site.

We provide you with a quote.

We plan the project, completing any documentation required, such as site-specific Risk Assessments and Method Statements. We have plenty of experience working with local councils to facilitate any necessary road closures and present you with detailed plans on the logistics of the project.

We ensure that all lifting equipment we use has been fully certified for your worksites and has been regularly tested and maintained as required.

Working closely with the health and safety officer on your site, we complete the contract lifting project.

Once the project is completed, we hand over any relevant documentation, such as delivery notes, waste transfer or trade-to-trade handovers.


Under Contract Lift Conditions we will provide all insurance for goods lifted and handled along with all liability Insurance.

We will supply the Appointed Person if required and carry out all work under contract lift conditions. If you are looking for Plant and Labour hire only and already have an appointed person to write the lifting and handling plans then we can provide plant and labour only under CPA.

All our plant and cranes will come with highly qualified operators. If you have your own rigging team and Appointed Person we can work under your plan and supervision. If not then we can supply all plant and labour along with Appointed Person and Lift Planning.


Quick Response

Our solutions are available at short notice, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

Complete Turnkey Solution

We can support you from project tender applications right the way through to implementation and management.

Problem Solving

Determined to get the job done, no matter what the obstacle.


Prioritising safety at every stage of the project.



Whether your requirements are a simple one-off lift or a multi-crane technical lift, Fortis Heavy Lift Group LTD has the equipment and the know-how to provide a safe, efficient and cost-effective solution for your lifting needs.