A plant movement and installation with no power

How can you complete a lifting project without power?

This was the situation we were faced with when a long-standing Client contacted us about undertaking a plant movement and installation in Northampton recently. 

Who is The White Company?

The White Company design, produce and sell edited collections of beautifully made bed linen, home accessories, clothing, fragrances and gifts. Their distribution centre is in Northampton. We have a long-standing relationship with their distribution centre management and have worked with them many times over the years. was the only choice. The offset fly and great lifting capacities made the restricted head height achievable to complete these works.

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The White Company’s management needed to remove and replace old boilers and tanks at the mezzanine level of their distribution centre. 

After surveying the site we realised that there were a few problems that we were going to have to deal with. To begin with, there was not much head height. This would make using a standard crane difficult. In addition, a conventional diesel-powered engine was not an option as we were working internally. 


We quickly realised that the Hoeflon C6 mini crane, which can run on full electric, was the only choice for this project. The large lifting capacity of the mini crane would mean we could complete the lift despite there being height restrictions.


We were able to use the Hoeflon C6 to lift the old boiler and tanks from the mezzanine to the floor for removal. We were then able to lift the new equipment up and move it into place. The new boiler and tank were then installed.


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