The secrets and solutions to moving plant machinery

Moving plant machinery is a complex and challenging task that involves much more than just loading equipment onto a truck. It requires careful planning, expertise, and teamwork to ensure a safe and successful move. 

In this blog, we will reveal our secrets to successfully moving plant machinery, shedding light on the intricacies of this specialised operation and why choosing the right heavy-lifting company is essential. 

Secret 1: Thorough planning is essential

Although sometimes the best-laid plans of mice and men go awry, most of the time…planning is the cornerstone of your lift. 

Every successful machinery relocation project begins with a well-thought-out plan. This plan should include a detailed assessment of the machinery, the route of transportation, and all the logistics involved.

Machine assessment

We start by evaluating the machinery to be moved. We determine its weight, size, and any special considerations, such as fragile components or hazardous materials. This assessment is crucial for selecting the right equipment and ensuring safe transportation.

Route planning

We carefully plan the transportation route. We consider factors like road conditions, bridge capacities, and any required permits. Identify potential obstacles and develop solutions to overcome them. The goal is to minimise delays and avoid costly accidents during the move.


We organise all the logistical details, such as scheduling, equipment loading, securing, and unloading. Ensure that all the necessary tools and equipment are available and that you have a well-trained team to carry out the operation. 

At Fortis Heavy Lift Group we have decades of experience in the industry and can cope with any logistical challenge that may come our way.

Learn more about our plant movement and installation service here. 

Safety measures 

Safety should be a top priority. We implement strict safety measures to protect both your team and the machinery. This may include sealing the equipment for shipping, using specialised equipment, and ensuring proper ventilation if hazardous materials are involved.

Secret 2: Expertise is Key

Moving plant machinery is not a task for amateurs. It requires a team of experts (like we have here at Fortis Heavy Lift Group) with the knowledge and experience to handle the machinery and navigate potential challenges. Here’s why expertise is crucial:

Safety protocols

We are well-versed in safety protocols and can identify potential risks and hazards. This means we can respond quickly to any unexpected issues that may arise during the move.

Experience with diverse machinery 

Our experienced movers have dealt with lifting a variety of machinery and other heavy objects. From priceless historical artefacts to complex manufacturing equipment,  water treatment plant installations and even MRI Scanners at hospitals. The experience that we have gained is priceless and allows us to have greater insight into your lifting needs. 

Click here to read about some of our exciting projects. 

Regulatory compliance 

Our expert movers are aware of all of the legal and regulatory requirements associated with moving plant machinery. We will secure the necessary permits and licences and adhere to industry-specific standards…as standard. 

Secret 3: Teamwork and communication are vital

Moving heavy machinery is a team effort, and effective communication is key to its success. Every member of our team plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth relocation.

Clear roles and responsibilities 

Each team member will have a clear understanding of their role in the operation. Whether it’s the equipment operator, the logistics coordinator, or the safety supervisor, everyone always knows what they are responsible for.

Constant communication

Communication must be ongoing throughout the move. Team members always stay in touch with each other to ensure everyone is on the same page. This includes discussing any changes in the plan and addressing any unforeseen challenges.


Effective coordination is essential, particularly during the critical stages of loading and unloading machinery. Proper synchronisation prevents accidents and damage to the equipment. Our experienced team works as one organism, which is the benefit of so much industry experience. 

Planning, expertise and teamwork

A successful move boils down to three things: expertise, planning and teamwork. It sounds simple, and in some ways is, but requires years of experience to hone to perfection. 

If you’re interested in using our plant machinery movement and installation service, contact us today for a bespoke quote. Our expert team will be delighted to assist you. 

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