Undertaking a lift and shift in an awkward place

No job is straightforward. Every lift and shift is unique and requires a great deal of creative thought. 

When faced with a job in Westminster that required a crane to sit in a space that was too small for any crane to sit, we really had to think outside the box!

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We were contacted by a homeowner who needed us to move a heavy item. The homeowner was having a new kitchen fitted in their Westminster townhouse and had bought a stunning marble work surface. The kitchen was in the basement of the house and the marble work surface needed lifting from the street-level floor down into the basement for fitting.  The only place a suitable crane could sit was on a small balcony above the kitchen (which effectively served as the roof of the kitchen). There was a metal railing around the edges of the balcony, meaning we needed to lift the worksurface over the top of the railings and lower it safely down to the basement level.


We had to think really creatively about this one. In the end, we realised that we needed to strip the crane down to its base components in order to fit the plant through the house and get it positioned on top of the balcony. A MFC 750 floor crane was suitable for lifting a marble work surface of this weight, and when stripped back would be small enough to fit into the space.

In addition, we needed to raise the height of the crane, so that we could get the marble worksurface over the top of the railings. To do this, we used wooden timber cribbing to create a platform. The crane was placed on top.


A safe, perfectly executed lift and shift. We were able to move the marble work surface from street level, down to the basement level and onto the kitchen units. The homeowners were delighted with the result. And the kitchen looked great too!

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