Tower crane management for ISG

A lot of our projects are day-long or short-term lifting projects. However, we also undertake more complex projects that last for months, or even years. 

One of our big projects recently was working with ISG on a huge construction project called the Interchange project in Cardiff, Wales. As it has been a long-running project, we have provided multiple services as part of our contract. These have included lift assurance, tower crane management, contract lift, and plant and machinery movement. 

What is the Cardiff Interchange project?

The Cardiff Interchange is a new bus and transport interchange, as well as offices and apartments, in the centre of Cardiff, Wales. It has been under construction since 2020 and is due for completion in Spring 2023. Once complete, will form the eastern side of the major redevelopment programme known as Central Square. 

The new Interchange building is located on the site of the former Marland House office building and the former Wood Street NCP Car Park.  

It consists of a 14-bay bus (and coach) station, which includes a passenger concourse, entrance foyer, and support facilities. Once the site is complete, there will also be a split-plate multi-storey car park, a combined 24-storey and mid-rise block of 318 apartments, a services structure, and a 7-floor office building. 

The construction project was undertaken by ISG, a global construction company. It was the third project we worked on with ISG.


ISG needed us to manage the three tower cranes required for this complex build. The erection and dismantling of these cranes would be complicated by the close proximity of the site to live railway lines.


Working closely with ISG’s team, we oversaw the installation and management of three tower cranes which were Potain MR 160 C and two Potain MR 225 A cranes. We also provided lift assurance services to ensure the three tower cranes could be erected safely considering their proximity to the live railway lines. We made sure we worked in conjunction with Network Rail at all times. The tower cranes were erected safely and in good time. 

At the beginning of the project, rescue and recovery planning was provided, and we gave our standard training for team member rescue. As is our normal practice, an appropriate recovery kit was placed in designated emergency areas across the site.

Throughout the whole project, we ensured that every lift on site had robust safety systems planned. Each plan was assessed and accepted by Fortis’s project Appointed Person. 

In addition, digital tracking systems were deployed to monitor all aspects of the project’s lifting requirements. These systems logged crane team members, along with plant and tackle inspections and expiry dates. 

We conducted weekly site audits and meetings to discuss any issues and upcoming requirements throughout our partnership.


All lifts were conducted correctly and safely. The site was kept safe, and the construction team were able to proceed as scheduled. The Cardiff Interchange is due to be completed in Spring 2023.


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