How are tower cranes dismantled?

We have written numerous pieces about the fascinating engineering marvels that are tower cranes. What they are used for, how they are erected, how they compare to other cranes etc. 

In this blog, we’ll delve into the intricate process and answer the important question –  how are tower cranes dismantled?

Step 1: Planning

Before dismantling a tower crane, meticulous planning is essential. The project manager, crane operator, and a team of skilled technicians collaborate to develop a comprehensive dismantling plan. Factors such as weather conditions, load capacity, surrounding structures, and safety protocols are carefully considered.

Step 2: Securing the site

Safety is our main priority here at Fortis Heavy Lift Group and is paramount during crane dismantling. The area around the crane is secured, and access is restricted to authorised personnel only. Warning signs and barriers are put in place to prevent unauthorised entry and ensure the safety of workers and the public.

Step 3: Removing counterweights

The first step in dismantling a tower crane is removing counterweights in a specific order. These weights are crucial for stabilising the crane during operation but must be carefully disassembled to avoid accidents. 

Step 4: Dismantling the jib

The jib, or horizontal arm, of the crane is detached next. This is typically done using the auxiliary crane. The jib is carefully lowered to the ground and dismantled into manageable sections for transportation and storage.

Step 5: Cab and machine deck

The machine deck and cab will be next on most dismantle operations. The crane’s machinery, including the motor, gearbox, and control systems, is disassembled next. This requires specialised knowledge and tools to disconnect electrical and mechanical components safely. 

Once all components are disassembled, they are transported to our designated storage area. 

Step 6: Lowering the mast

Once the cab and machine deck and jib are removed, the mast of the crane can be dismantled. This is a critical phase as it involves lowering the main mast section by section. They will be lowered using a mobile crane a section at a time and rotated for loading on the ground.

Step 7: Site cleanup

After the crane and its components are removed, the site undergoes a thorough cleanup. Debris, materials, and equipment are cleared, and the area is inspected to ensure no hazards remain. Safety checks are conducted to verify that the site is secure and ready for the next phase of construction or development.

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