Like a crane, there are ups and downs for us all in life, but when would there be a need for emergency crane hire?

It’s Christmas, which means it’s the peak season for boilers, ovens and electrics in general to break down. Nothing screams emergency like the oven conking out right in the middle of cooking the Christmas turkey, or the boiler packing up on Christmas Eve. 

The kids are not only too excited to sleep…now they’re too cold to sleep too. That’s why British Gas engineers work the Christmas Day shift just like doctors and hospital staff do. 

However annoying these low-level “emergencies” might be though, most of us could survive the hardship of a night or two without the oven or the boiler. However what if it’s something that goes wrong, on a much bigger scale? 

The services of an emergency crane hire company become essential in various situations where immediate and efficient lifting solutions are required. 

The scope of our emergency crane rental service. 

At Fortis Heavy Lift Group, we pride ourselves on a quick response time and are usually able to respond to scenarios within 24 hours. We provide emergency response in two scenarios. 

If a crucial piece of machinery or equipment breaks down unexpectedly and requires immediate replacement or repair, an emergency crane hire company like us, can swiftly mobilise and assist in lifting and installing the replacement components.

Construction projects often encounter unforeseen challenges that demand quick and flexible solutions. If there’s a sudden need for additional lifting capacity, specialised equipment, or emergency support to address unexpected construction issues, our crane hire services can provide the necessary assistance. 

Here are just some of the advantages of our service:

Rapid response

Our crane rental service is equipped to provide quick and efficient responses to urgent lifting needs.

Minimised downtime

In the event of equipment breakdowns, accidents, or unforeseen challenges, the ability to quickly hire an emergency crane allows construction projects to resume operations without prolonged interruptions. This minimises downtime, enhances productivity, and keeps the project on schedule.


At Fortis Heavy Lift Group, our crane hire services offer a variety of crane types and capacities to meet the specific needs of diverse construction projects. This versatility ensures that the right equipment is available for lifting tasks of varying sizes and complexities.

Specialised expertise

We have experienced operators and personnel with specialised expertise in handling urgent and complex lifting scenarios. Their knowledge and skills contribute to the safe and efficient execution of lifting operations, particularly in emergencies.

You can find examples of our work here. 

Safety and Compliance

Our team prioritises safety and we adhere to all industry regulations. Our equipment is well-maintained, undergoes regular inspections, and complies with all safety standards. This commitment to safety is essential, especially during urgent and potentially high-risk lifting operations, and in an emergency, you need to be able to trust that all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. We take this worry out of an already stressful situation. 
Let us partner with you today, to ensure you are never let down in the future. Just think of us as that trusty British Gas engineer, on his way to save the boiler for Christmas Day.

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