Crane Hire Cost in the UK

The cost of hiring a crane can vary significantly from project to project. There are many factors that will impact the final price you pay, which we will look at in this article to give you a better understanding of how much you can expect to pay for your crane hire, and what to ask for when seeking a quote.

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How much does it cost to hire a crane in the UK?

Numerous elements make up the final crane hire cost. These include:

  • Type of crane – Depending on the project you are working on, you will need to hire a crane that is suited for the job. Cranes vary in size, capability, and manoeuvrability, and will therefore have an impact on the crane hire prices. For instance tower cranes used on construction sites will cost a lot more than a small two-axle city crane.
  • Location of the project – Whether your job is in an urban area or rural area will affect the price you will end up paying. Your crane hire cost is most likely going to be higher in the south of the UK than in the north.
  • Availability of mobile crane companies – The competition of crane hire companies in the area of your project will likely influence the price. The less competition a company has, the higher they can afford to raise their prices without losing customers.
  • Labour requirements – The cost of labour will also need to be considered. Lift operations usually require a crane operator to operate the crane, a lift supervisor to oversee lifting activities, and a slinger signaller to sling the load and signal the crane. Some jobs will require additional workers, including riggers and extra slinger signallers. The qualifications of labourers affect the crane hire cost.

Crane Hire VS Contract Lift

There are two services available when hiring a crane – a crane hire and a contract lift. 

Crane hire is the cheaper of the two, as you are only hiring the crane with an operator. With this option, you will need to have your own insurance and be able to safely plan and supervise the lift yourself, because you would be fully liable for the supervision of any work undertaken on-site and for the vehicle, operator, and lifting operations. If you aren’t capable of carrying this responsibility, a contract lift may be the better option.

A contract lift takes the burden of responsibility off your shoulders, as the crane hire company will take full ownership of the work being done, including hiring a qualified team. Although the upfront cost of a contract lift is higher than a standard crane hire, you may find that it works out cheaper for you when considering the risks and planning involved. 

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