From survey to completion in a week: glass installation in Covent Garden

Space is always at a premium in our great capital city, and a recent domestic glass installation project had us scratching our heads when faced with the impossibly small space that we had to work with. 

Standard equipment was not going to cut it with this project.

Read on to find out how we solved this problem. 


The client wanted us to move large glass units from the curbside to the internal atrium area and install them on the roof of the atrium as part of some renovation work. 

We quickly realised that using a crane to lift the glass over the roof was not going to be possible because of the configuration of the buildings.


For this project, we realised we were going to have to build a bespoke structure above the atrium to act as lifting points for the glass. We built a suspended scaffold, tying it into the brickwork. We anchored beams against the scaffold to create the lifting points we needed.

Utilising rolling beam clamps, powered hoist units, and a vacuum lifter, we were able to lift through a single opening and transfer the load across to the far installation points.


A successful lift. The client was delighted! The whole lifting project was completed within a week – meaning the renovation could proceed on schedule.

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