Contract Lift Vs. Crane Hire: Which Is Right For My Project?

British law states that all UK lifting operations must be manned by a qualified professional and appropriately supervised. Whether you’re a building manager, site supervisor, or construction project manager, you can choose whether you hire a crane and take responsibility for the operator’s supervision, or outsource this to a professional with contract lifting services. Read on to find out more about these two services and decide which one is right for your project.

What Is Crane Hire?

Crane hire services describe the hiring of a crane and a qualified operator. The crane operator will man the crane for your construction project. The operator will follow your instructions throughout the project, man the crane, and follow government and on site health and safety requirements. 

However, the Construction Plant Association (CPA) guidelines outline that it is the person who hires the crane that is responsible for the supervision of lifting. If you take out a crane hire service, you will need to designate an appropriate and qualified person to oversee the supervision of lifting. You will also hold responsibility for selecting the appropriate crane for the project, arranging the lift, and managing the slinging and signalling.

What Is Contract Lift?

Contract lifting services allow you to outsource the responsibility for supervising the lift, arranging the slinging and signalling, and choosing the appropriate crane. As an example, if you require contract lifting from Fortis Heavy Lift Services, we will ensure the crane operator is directed and supervised, and that the lift is successful and undertaken in compliance with all health and safety requirements. This means that we are liable for ensuring the crane is appropriate, the crane operator is supervised and the lift is executed properly. 

How Do I Choose The Right One For My Project?

Choosing between contract lifting services and crane hire depends entirely on the requirements of your project.

You might choose crane hire if:

  • You already have suitable in-house expertise on crane supervision and management
  • You are prepared to take responsibility for supervision to receive reduced upfront costs
  • The project is very short and you already have the appropriate in house expertise

You might choose contract lifting services if:

  • You lack the required expertise and need to hire a contract lifting service
  • You have a complex project and need to save time and money by hiring an expert
  • The project is going to last a long time and you need to reduce the risk of damages

Finding A Contract Lift & Crane Hire Service You Can Trust

Whether you hire contract lifting or crane hire services, you need to be confident that you have crane operators and supervisors you can trust. If you arrange for crane hire and are liable for supervising an operator, you want to be confident that they are competent and have the required qualifications to do the job. When entrusting all lifting services to an operator and supervisor, it is crucial that they undertake the task professionally. At Fortis Heavy Lift Services, all of our operators are CPCS qualified, so you can feel confident our contract lifting and crane hire services are second to none. Contact us today for advice on the most appropriate package for your project. 

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