What is a tower crane zoning system?

A building site with 5 enormous working cranes, a perfect example of where a tower crane zoning system would be essential.

We often talk about Health and Safety going mad in our modern world, but when it comes to building sites or anywhere where you are using heavy-lifting machinery, you simply can’t be too careful.  A tower crane zoning system is a vital tool for keeping personnel and the public safe on construction sites. It’s an […]

How are tower cranes dismantled?

Photograph looking up at a yellow tower crane with a cloudy sky in the background

We have written numerous pieces about the fascinating engineering marvels that are tower cranes. What they are used for, how they are erected, how they compare to other cranes etc.  In this blog, we’ll delve into the intricate process and answer the important question –  how are tower cranes dismantled? Step 1: Planning Before dismantling […]

How do Tower Cranes raise themselves?

A photograph looking straight up at a yellow tower crane on a construction sight with a building covered in yellow plastic sheeting in the background as well as another tower crane under a bright blue sky

Tower cranes are the colossal giants of the construction industry, looming high above bustling cityscapes and worksites.  But have you ever wondered how do tower cranes raise themselves skyward, seemingly defying gravity with each additional floor?  In this blog, we’ll delve into the intricate mechanics behind the awe-inspiring process of how tower cranes raise themselves. […]

Prioritising safety: How are tower cranes transported? 

Truck wheels of a large green lorry

“How are tower cranes transported?” is a key question in the construction industry. Let’s face it, in the hazardous world of construction, safety has to be paramount at every stage of a project. From the planning phase to the execution of intricate manoeuvres, ensuring the well-being of workers and the public is non-negotiable.  One critical […]

Luffer crane vs saddle jib tower crane: what’s the difference?

Beautiful skyline view of Tower Bridge in London with a crane in a sunset background.

Among the diverse types of cranes available, the luffer crane and the tower crane stand out as two stalwarts in the industry. Yet stacking them against each other- luffer crane vs tower crane – what are their unique characteristics? Let’s delve into the details and explore the key differences between these construction giants. Understanding luffer […]

The lift and shift process: a detailed look

Social media asset for a blog about the lift and shift process showing a mobile gantry crane being used to lift the Cannon Royal of the Mary Rose, operated by two men in hi-vis clothing and face masks, with a museum display board in the background, showing the history of the ship

Have you ever uttered the fateful words “How hard can it be”? Usually, this little phrase gets employed when you are contemplating doing something you have never done before, something that just doesn’t seem that difficult at first glance.  In the world of heavy lifting and intricate manoeuvres, the lift and shift process is one […]

What are tower cranes used for?

Multiple sky-rise buildings, some still under construction, interspersed with blue and yellow cranes against a blue cloudless sky.

In the boom of the modern construction industry, it’s hard to get a cityscape view that doesn’t include these colossal structures, but have you ever wondered ‘What are tower cranes used for?’  At Fortis Heavy Lift Group, we know tower cranes play a pivotal role in modern construction, standing tall against the skyline as both […]

Tower crane questions and answers

A view of a high tower crane up high, the operators cabin perched between two tall buildings under construction.

Looking across the skylines of our cities from a distance, we see a horizon of rooftops and steeples, and above that, many impressive, towering skyscrapers.  Yet look more closely as between these skyscrapers you’ll see dotted all over myriad outlines of the frames of some mysterious machines that play a crucial role in the development […]

Origin stories: The history of tower cranes

A black and white silhouette of a city scape, showing a number of high-rise buildings being constructed, with seventeen cranes in the skyline

The History of Tower Cranes is a story of a complex and pivotal journey in building our nation. When we gaze upon the towering skyscrapers, intricate bridges, and massive structures that define our modern world, we often overlook the unsung hero responsible for lifting, placing, and constructing these marvels—the tower crane.  This piece of heavy […]

Comparing and contrasting: tower crane vs mobile crane

A large yellow crane pictured against a dusky sky with a full moon.

When it comes to construction projects, cranes play an indispensable role in lifting and moving heavy materials.  But do you know the difference between a tower crane and a mobile crane? How do you choose between the two?  Understanding the differences between a tower crane vs mobile crane is essential. While both serve the fundamental […]