How does a Self-Erecting Tower Crane work?

Picture of a building site with a high-rise building being constructed using a self-erecting tower crane, with a large number of high-rise buildings in the background under a clear blue sky

Picture this: you’re overseeing a construction project, and you need a crane that’s efficient, versatile, and easy to set up.  Enter the self-erecting tower crane – a crane which can save you significant time, money and manpower. What’s there not to like? But how does a self erecting tower crane work, and what sets it […]

What does a hoist do & how can it help you? 

Social media asset for a blog about what does a hoist do, showing five men in high-vis clothing and hard hats using a hoist to move a large duct, with a two story brick building in the background on a rainy day.

Ask any nurse “What does a hoist do?”, and they are likely to tell you how invaluable they are when it comes to moving patients around in a hospital when they cannot move themselves. Imagine trying to get a 6ft 2, 17 stone man who is paraplegic, from his wheelchair to a hospital bed without […]

What are tower cranes used for?

Multiple sky-rise buildings, some still under construction, interspersed with blue and yellow cranes against a blue cloudless sky.

In the boom of the modern construction industry, it’s hard to get a cityscape view that doesn’t include these colossal structures, but have you ever wondered ‘What are tower cranes used for?’  At Fortis Heavy Lift Group, we know tower cranes play a pivotal role in modern construction, standing tall against the skyline as both […]

Tower crane questions and answers

A view of a high tower crane up high, the operators cabin perched between two tall buildings under construction.

Looking across the skylines of our cities from a distance, we see a horizon of rooftops and steeples, and above that, many impressive, towering skyscrapers.  Yet look more closely as between these skyscrapers you’ll see dotted all over myriad outlines of the frames of some mysterious machines that play a crucial role in the development […]

How do self-erecting tower cranes work?

Sturdy and strong metallic crane hook hanging in the foreground with a blurred view of a colourful crane lorry in the background.

Have you ever wondered “How do self-erecting tower cranes work?”. Well, in some ways, they are a little like the first pop-up tent I bought.  Tents used to be a pain in the neck to put up and down. It would take hours of wrestling with poles and tarpaulin, not to mention a degree to […]

What is a Tower Crane? 

tower crane against the sky

When it comes to iconic symbols of urban development and construction, the towering presence of a crane against the city skyline is hard to miss.  These impressive structures dominate construction sites, an indispensable part of any major construction project.  In this blog, we will look into the world of tower cranes, looking at the different […]