Cost savings and convenience: contract lifting solutions demystified

Photograph of a mobile crane lifting a large piece of machinery and lowering it onto the back of an articulated lorry.

If you are in the construction industry or require lifting services, understanding the advantages of contract lifting solutions can help you make informed decisions for your project.  What is a contract lift and what are the benefits?  How do contract lifting services differ from standard crane hire?  The choice between standard crane hire and contract […]

Prioritising safety: How are tower cranes transported? 

Truck wheels of a large green lorry

“How are tower cranes transported?” is a key question in the construction industry. Let’s face it, in the hazardous world of construction, safety has to be paramount at every stage of a project. From the planning phase to the execution of intricate manoeuvres, ensuring the well-being of workers and the public is non-negotiable.  One critical […]

The lift and shift process: a detailed look

Social media asset for a blog about the lift and shift process showing a mobile gantry crane being used to lift the Cannon Royal of the Mary Rose, operated by two men in hi-vis clothing and face masks, with a museum display board in the background, showing the history of the ship

Have you ever uttered the fateful words “How hard can it be”? Usually, this little phrase gets employed when you are contemplating doing something you have never done before, something that just doesn’t seem that difficult at first glance.  In the world of heavy lifting and intricate manoeuvres, the lift and shift process is one […]

The secrets and solutions to moving plant machinery

Man in a hardhat and vest, supervising the moving of large piece of machinery, which is being lifted above his head in a factory

Moving plant machinery is a complex and challenging task that involves much more than just loading equipment onto a truck. It requires careful planning, expertise, and teamwork to ensure a safe and successful move.  In this blog, we will reveal our secrets to successfully moving plant machinery, shedding light on the intricacies of this specialised […]