Origin stories: Why is heavy machinery called plant?

Excavator digging loose rocks and gravel in a valley surrounded by pine trees with snow covered mountains in the background

In the world of heavy industry and construction, it’s not uncommon to hear the term ‘plant’ tossed around to refer to massive machinery and equipment.  If you’ve ever worked in construction or engineering, or even if you’ve just been curious about the origins of certain terminologies, you might have wondered why heavy machinery is often […]

Origin stories: The history of tower cranes

A black and white silhouette of a city scape, showing a number of high-rise buildings being constructed, with seventeen cranes in the skyline

The History of Tower Cranes is a story of a complex and pivotal journey in building our nation. When we gaze upon the towering skyscrapers, intricate bridges, and massive structures that define our modern world, we often overlook the unsung hero responsible for lifting, placing, and constructing these marvels—the tower crane.  This piece of heavy […]

Origin stories: why is a crane called a crane? 

A herd of cranes flying across a golden sky.

Have you ever watched a bird of prey hover? They are pretty majestic. It always stops me in my tracks.  Now why on earth am I talking about birds in a blog about heavy lifting equipment? Well, as you have probably guessed, it’s all in the name “crane”. Here at Fortis Heavy Lift Group, we […]