Lifting equipment for hire: what varieties can you expect?

A modern fully glazed office building that could only have been constructed by using lifting equipment for hire

When it comes to handling heavy loads safely and efficiently, having the right lifting equipment is essential.  However, not every business or project requires a permanent investment in lifting gear.  This is where lifting equipment for rent becomes a cost-effective and practical solution. Here, we’ll explore various varieties of lifting equipment for hire, catering to […]

Luffer crane vs saddle jib tower crane: what’s the difference?

Beautiful skyline view of Tower Bridge in London with a crane in a sunset background.

Among the diverse types of cranes available, the luffer crane and the tower crane stand out as two stalwarts in the industry. Yet stacking them against each other- luffer crane vs tower crane – what are their unique characteristics? Let’s delve into the details and explore the key differences between these construction giants. Understanding luffer […]

How to move heavy machinery

Man coupling a crane hook block to lift a heavy load

Whether you are looking to move a commercial-grade boiler or oil tank, a printing press, hot tub or farm or factory machinery. You need to figure out how to get your heavy load from A to B safely and efficiently.  Most of us are specialists within our own field of business, but that doesn’t necessarily […]

Crane hire or contract lift: which will be best for you?

Three cranes are towering high in the blue sky with the construction site far below.

When it comes to lifting heavy loads, whether for construction projects or industrial purposes, the expertise and equipment of a professional crane service are indispensable. The two most popular options are either crane hire or contract lift – hiring a crane to plan and manage yourself or a contract lift which involves outsourcing the entire […]

What is a contract lift? Unlock its potential.

featured image for a blog about what is a contract lift showing a heavy object being lifted

Do you like DIY? In business, it can be tempting to “do it yourself”, particularly when you do have certain personnel with the required skills available on staff. But sometimes, the complexity of the job and time constraints mean that it’s just not sensible to keep a project in-house.  If you require lifting services and […]