Glass Installation for Avon Cosmetics

How do you lift a crane to the top of a tall building? 

With another crane of course!

In order to undertake a glass installation for an international cosmetics brand, we had to use two cranes for this project. 

Who are Avon Cosmetics?

Avon Products, Inc. or simply known as Avon, is an American-British multinational cosmetics, skincare, fragrance and personal care company. Its headquarters is located in London. It was this impressive multistorey building that required new glass to be installed on one of its upper floors.

Read on to find out how we solved this problem. 


The main problem here was now to get the mini crane up to the correct level to replace the high-level heavy units. Access was very limited.


To solve the problem, we decided to utilise a 60te mobile crane to lift a UNIC 706 spider crane up to the high-level step. We positioned the mobile crane inside the headquarters’ atrium/foyer. We made sure to protect the floor of the foyer as much as possible with crane mats. 

Once we had lifted the Spider crane to the level we required, we then tracked it through the main entrance to the removal/installation positions we needed to complete the installation.


A successful lift and glass installation and a very happy client. The lift was completed with no damage to the floor, and the glass was installed successfully.

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